Will You Fill a Table?

A couple weeks ago, Ryan and I were talking to one of our Launch Team members about how we can reach out to more people to share the vision of Real Hope and she had a great idea (one that frankly I am a still a little bitter I didn't think of myself because it is that good)! We have loved having our shindigs, and so far we have had 59 people commit to our Launch Team because of the shindigs and we still have one more to go! So, all in all they have been super successful!  

Then starting this Thursday and next Thursday we will have our Coffee Meet Ups at First Cup Cafe that we would for you to invite your friends to, especially your caffeine addicted friends, and while all that is good, where is the one place that your friends would feel most comfortable while hearing about Real Hope? Well, it is at your house with you!

So, we would like for you to consider filling your table (and living room, kitchen, hallways, your whole house) and hosting a get together for the purpose of sharing the vision and story of Real Hope. 

I'm sure you have a list of friends that you have been reaching out to about RHCC or trying to figure out ways to reach out, but maybe they have not felt comfortable or been receptive to coming to an event at a location they aren't familiar with and with people they don't know, but they would gladly accept an invitation to your house! And, we would love for you to extend one. So, here is how it will work:

  • Pick a date between May 26th - June 15th, email Jenny with the date, time and address you would like to have the get together. 
  • Invite  and fill your table with friends, neighbors or anyone you would love to hear about Real Hope.
  • On the day of the get together (or whatever you would like to name it - "Jabbin' with the Justices" "Musings with the Motley's" "Listen Up with the Lokkesmoe's" - no copyright on those, you're welcome to use them) plan for some food, doesn't have to be a dinner, it can just be appetizers, dessert or whatever would be easiest for you. Then welcome all your friends to your home. 
  • After we hang out a bit and have some food, Ryan and I will then take about 15 minutes to tell your guests about Real Hope and that's it. Simple but impactful. 

We would love to have as many of these as possible in that date range, so if you are available and would be willing to host a get together please let us know ASAP so we can get it on the calendar. If you are not able to host one for whatever reason, but would love to help out with one  and invite your friends, please let me know and I can help team you up with a host house. 

I am so excited to see how God is going to use your family to connect others to Real Hope through these get togethers! You all truly are the best team around, hands down!