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    Discipleship Groups

I am the good shepherd...my sheep listen to my voice;

I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:14ff)

What is a disciple?


The term used most often in the Bible to describe followers of Jesus is disciple, which literally means learner or student. In the world of the New Testament, the word disciple referred to someone who was devoted to following the ways of a teacher.  Some of Jesus' final words before ascending into Heaven were, Go and make disciples of all nations...(Matthew 28:19-20).


But being a disciple is more than simply acquiring knowledge or following a list of rules. According to the New Testament, disciples of Jesus...


...have placed their trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior.


...have turned from the ways of their old life to follow Jesus. 


...are relying on the Holy Spirit for their spiritual growth.  


...are following Jesus in a community of other believers.  


Our role as church leaders is to foster an environment of discipleship by making it easy to connect with others and grow.  To that end, we offer discipleship groups and encourage you to be a part of one!

What are discipleship groups?


A Discipleship Group is a small gathering of Real Hope people who have a shared desire to deepen their relationship with God. We have two types of discipleship groups: those geared specifically for new believers, and other groups that take a variety of forms. 


Discipleship Groups

  • Topic: Varies by group. Curriculum can be drawn from our RightNow Media Library
  • Timeframe: Some are short-term (6-12 weeks), others are ongoing with occasional breaks. 
  • Group size: Varies by group
  • Group leader is a facilitator, learning alongside his or her group members.

Groups for New Believers