New Teaching Series (starting Sept. 11)


We all have questions about God. Often, they're what questions: What does God think about this? What is the right answer to my problems?  But what questions don’t tell the whole story. Equally important is the question of how. How should we go about discovering what is true, and how should we apply that truth in our lives and in our relationships? 

If we fixate on what the Bible says without also considering how to handle that truth in a Christlike way, we will eventually stumble in our walk with God. 

Jesus' main complaint with the religious leaders of his day was that they were consumed with what questions, and cared more about being right instead of how to do right by others. They might have known some biblical answers, but their hearts had drifted far away from God into an ocean of small-minded, mean-spirited judgmentalism. They failed to consider how the Bible is meant to be lived out or how knowing these things should lead us closer to God.

Starting on September 11th, we will address a handful of subjects that are in the air of our culture, including news/knowledge, mental health, politics/patriotism, self-expression/social media.

We'll consider not simply what to think about these topics, but how we should think about them. We want to be wise as we think about tough topics, and Christlike in the way that we use the answers God gives. Let's find out how to do that, together.

Pie with the Pastors

Sunday, September 25th @ 5:00p (in the sanctuary)

If you are new (or new-ish) to Real Hope we invite you to join us at our next Pie with the Pastors! It's a chance to share some laughs over pizza, pie, and coffee, and for us to get to know you.


We’ll share how Real Hope got started, what we’re about, and how you can play a meaningful part in the life of our church family.


Sign up at the link below. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday Night Bible Studies

6:30-8:00p (on campus, in the sanctuary)

You're invited to a gathering of people who have a shared desire to deepen their relationships with God and invest in friendships. Our men's and women's Bible studies meet twice a month, on alternating Tuesdays: 

Women's Bible Study (1st + 3rd Tuesdays)


  • Fall 2022: Women's study starts on Tuesday, September 20th


Men's Bible Study (2nd + 4th Tuesdays)


  • Fall 2022: Men's study starts on Tuesday, September 13th