Current Teaching Series

What Child is this? It's not just a Christmas Carol - it's a question that people were asking 2,000 years ago, and it's a question that echoes into our modern world. Why does this baby from two millennia ago matter for life in this century? Can he really affect our daily lives?


In this Christmas series, we will put ourselves in the shoes of people who asked this question when Jesus was born. "What Child is This?", they wondered, and wherever we are on our spiritual journey - we should wonder the same thing. It's perhaps the most important question we could ever ask!

Christmas Schedule

We look forward to celebrating with you this month! If you plan to join us, please take a moment to think of a friend or family member you can invite to come along with you. 

Tuesday Night Bible Studies

6:30-8:00p (on campus, in the sanctuary)

You're invited to a gathering of people who have a shared desire to deepen their relationships with God and invest in friendships. Our men's and women's Bible studies meet twice a month, on alternating Tuesdays: 

Women's Bible Study (1st + 3rd Tuesdays)


  • December 6th is the final meeting of the women's Bible study in 2022. They will resume in January (date TBD). Sign up below to connect with the leader. 


Men's Bible Study (2nd + 4th Tuesdays)


  • December 13th is the final meeting of the men's Bible study in 2022. They will resume on January 10th. Sign up below to connect with the leader.