5:00p on Sunday, June 27th


If you are new (or new-ish) to Real Hope we invite you to join us at our next Pie with the Pastors! It's a chance to share some laughs over pizza, pie, and coffee, and for us to get to know you.


We’ll share how Real Hope got started, what we’re about, and how you can play a meaningful part in the life of our church family.



Sunday, May 30th

We have lots of great events for our kids and students this Summer! Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more information. 


  • For questions about kids events (birth-5th grade), contact our Kids' Director, Rachel Justice:


  • For questions about student events (6th-12th grade), contact our Student Director, Bruce Sampson:



5:00p on Sunday, August 29th


Christianity 101 is an hour-long class that we offer quarterly, covering the basics of what it means to be a Christian. We view this class as being for three groups of people: 


(1) People who are not Christians but want to learn about the historical roots and core beliefs of the Christian faith. 


(2) New (or renewed) Christians who would like to gain a grasp of the basics of what it means to follow Jesus. 


(3) Seasoned Christians who would be encouraged by a review of the foundational beliefs and practices of their faith.


Anyone who attends the class will be given a free book and other resources to take home with them for further study.