Go and make disciples of all nations 
Matthew 28:19

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The Church is called to share the gospel and meet needs in Jesus’ name - both in our own communities and around the world. To that end, a minimum of 10% of our annual budget is allocated exclusively for local and global outreach.


Our global & local outreach efforts. See below for info on our ministry partnerships.


Attack Poverty serves local communities through programs such as literacy development, GED completion courses, ESL classes, after school programs, job readiness training, home revitalization assistance, and food distributions. We have linked arms with Attack Poverty’s Friends of North Rosenberg to host some of these programs at our campus in order to serve our neighborhood and surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about Attack Poverty.


Much of our local outreach is focused on building relationships with the local schools and school district. Specifically, we serve the families and staff at Travis Elementary, and we partner with Common Threads - an organization that serves families in LCISD that find themselves in difficult circumstances. Common Threads collects and distributes clothing, food, toiletries, eyeglasses, school supplies, school uniforms, and other materials that students and their families need. We are proud to partner with them in their important work! Click here to watch a video about Common Threads.


We have made a multi-year commitment to fund two church planters in a South Asian country where there is desperate poverty and very few Christians. Our ongoing support provides for their theological training, ministry costs, and living expenses. Lives are being changed through their ministries!


**We cannot go into more detail about this ministry online because of the social and governmental persecution experienced by Christians in this part of the world. We periodically provide updates about this exciting ministry during our Sunday gatherings.  


We have partnered with Hope for Honduras in their work to address spiritual and physical needs. They have a daily feeding ministry, Bible Kinder program (similar to VBS), Spanish School tutoring program, Bilingual School, women’s ministry, youth group, a church with a Honduran pastor, construction ministry, trade-skills ministry, and a clinic with a Honduran doctor among other things. Real Hope plans to take a team to Honduras each summer.


World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that partners with communities around the world to address the causes of poverty and injustice. Real Hope partners with World Vision in a variety of ways, including the Matthew 25 Challenge, the Global 6K for Water, and sponsoring children in Haiti. Your family can change a child's life by giving them access to food, healthcare, education, and the gospel. Click here to sponsor a child today!


Nate and Bethany Johnson are missionaries serving in Vienna, Austria and we are excited to support them in their work. They are focused on church planting and leadership development in the northern part of Vienna. Less than 1% of the population of Austria is evangelical Christian and the Catholic church is in steady decline. The evangelical churches in Austria are in desperate need of workers like Nate and Bethany to provide training, leadership, mentorship, and discipleship for the national believers.

To learn more about their work in Vienna, please visit nateandbethany.com.

Follow Nate & Bethany

To join Real Hope in our outreach efforts, please email us at info@realhopecc.org, or text the word 'outreach' to 281-771-0997.